Refund/Payment Policy

Your satisfaction is my goal. If at any point you’re not entirely happy with my service, I’ll gladly work with you to make it right, or I’ll kindly refund your money.

Refund Policy

However, if a refund is requested and granted, all property created, including graphics, code, and other materials will remain the property of Jason Joel (“I”).

Please keep in mind that a refund won’t be granted if any of the following is true:

 You have approved your site design or graphic.

 Your site has been fully developed (completed).

  You do not communicate with me for more than 30 days following the start of your web design, or web development project.

 You fail to produce needed materials, imagery or content agreed upon before starting a project.

Chargeback Policy

If I receive a chargeback or dispute, in any shape or form, from a credit card company or bank, your project with me will be immediately suspended without notice.

Also, a $50 chargeback fee (issued to recover costs passed on to me by a chargeback), plus any outstanding balances must be paid in full before any further work is done, or any files, graphics, images, etc. are released to you.

How the money will be refunded if a refund is approved:

When paid using your credit card – the money will be transferred back to your credit card account within 3-5 business days after approval.

Payment Policy

I collect 50% payment upfront to schedule your project into my calendar. Then I break payments into multiple installments, as long as payments are made before starting the next phase of your project.

If you have any questions about my payment process please get in touch with me at 929-265-1723.